about our team

BILLEN TRANSPORTATION takes the pride in doing the job right! We transport vehicles for used cars dealers, auctions and salvage. Billen Transportation helps with the importation or exportation of vehicles.

What this means to you is reliable, fast and hassle-free car transportation. BILLEN also transports oversize vehicles and trailers as well as inoperative vehicles.

We look forward to doing business with you.





We strive to provide the Premium automobile transport experience possible. This is achieved through our commitment to customer service and through our positive working relationship with the trucking companies we utilize.

We understand that having someone transport your car is no small matter - your auto is not only an expensive possession, it's also part of your family.


  1. Daily
  2. Drivers available through cell phones, pagers
  3. In house scanning for quick document retrieval.
  4. Constant communication between our dispatch and drivers

about us

Billen`s team is committed in working closely with its customers for all their vehicle relocating needs.

We will assist you in all the steps from the initial transport request until our final goal of Just In Time delivery.

Why deal with an "arranger"? Billen transportation is the company with the carriers. With billen transportation, once loaded - it's one truck, one trailer, right to the destination.

We specialize in Windsor, Toronto, Montreal and Sudbury routes.

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